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Assessment without levels

From September 2015 national curriculum levels will no longer be used for statutory assessment.

This policy change has given schools the opportunity to develop their own approaches which simplify assessment and focus on teaching and learning.

The aim of the policy change is, at least in theory, to allow teachers to focus on formative assessment which is personalised for each child and their individual learning journey.

Under the old levelling system there were concerns that some children “became the label” of their level, which shaped their understanding and expectations of their ability. It is interesting that in high performing educational jurisdictions such as Finland, Singapore and Hong Kong, levelling systems do not exist.

Each of our case study schools has opted for a different approach to addressing this policy change. 

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Wroxham follow the Learning Without Limits approach:


Adapted Levels supported by high quality personalised formative assessment.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park focus on gold, silver and bronze; attributes; reflection.

High Storrs

GCSE 1-9 levels to support the five year curriculum - High Storrs focus on depth of understanding

Find out more about ATL's policy on assessment on the ATL website