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This website can help you plan, implement and evaluate curriculum, assessment and qualification changes.

At the heart of this website are in-depth case studies, covering primary, secondary and special and alternative provision. Each case study is supported by resources and CPD materials.

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Are you a senior leader?

  • With six in-depth case studies outlining different whole school approaches to curriculum planning, this site can help you transform the curriculum at your school. 
  • Watch the videos in each case study for advice from other senior leaders who have successfully gone through curriculum redesign.
  • Use the resources and example policies to support your curriculum development process.
  • Read and watch how each case study adapted their curriculum in light of assessment changes.
  • Find information about different curriculum approaches.
  • Download curriculum audit tools and whole school CPD materials.

Are you a middle leader?

  • Watch interviews about how faculty, subject, key stage and year leaders have transformed their curriculum.
  • Find out how to lead a team through a period of change in our case study videos.
  • Use our long term, medium term and short term planning resources.
  • Download our CPD tools to help year/subject/faculty teams work on curriculum development.

Are you a classroom teacher?

  • Watch our case study videos for in-depth advice from classroom teachers about preparing for curriculum change.
  • Explore a wide range of pedagogical approaches.
  • Access lesson planning resources.
  • Find out information about curriculum, assessment and qualification reforms that could affect you.


  • Explore our in-depth case studies showing how schools have successfully imbedded whole school aims and values into their school curriculum.
  • Read about different examples of how schools can review and develop their curriculum offer in our case studies.
  • Watch how different school have engaged parents and members of the local community in school life through the curriculum.
  • Develop an understanding of the challenges that need to be overcome when developing the curriculum.

ATL members

  • Up-to-date examples of how schools could be responding to policy change.
  • Resources to support curriculum development in your school.
  • Ideas on influencing curriculum change at your school.
  • Examples of how other ATL members have used A Curriculum That Counts.